Where to Find a Cheap Oil Change

Tracking Down A Discount Lube

Oil change specials can be found every day. The problem is that the average consumer doesn’t know where to look.

Sure you can get lucky and spot a deal from the road, but that’s a long shot. If you’re serious about saving then you’re better off grabbing your oil change coupon online and redeeming it after your odometer has elapsed the recommended 2,500-3,000 miles between services.

In order for us to help you find a local special we’ll need to get a little more specific.



Single-grade, multi-grade or synthetic? This question isn’t something most deal-hunters are asking themselves, but fact of the matter is most oil change coupons only apply to certain types of oil. There’s nothing more frustrating than showing up at the service center only to learn the fine-print limits the savings to only synthetic.


A lot of motor oil manufacturers offer mail-in rebates through the oil change facilities. If you’re brand loyal…and patient then you can snag some decent savings by post marking your receipt with the required form. Valvoline often offers up to $15 off your next oil change or freebies such as beach towels and umbrellas for using their oil. Quaker State and Pennzoil offer similar incentives.


If you frequent a national service center like Valvoline, NTBJiffy Lube or Pep Boys then your chances of finding a special online are far more likely. These franchise locations tend to be closer to populated areas. So if you’re within a stones throw of a big city like Chicago your chances of finding a cheap oil change are pretty favorable.

If you're not using coupons then you're wasting money. Just check out these deals on automotive products and services and you'll see what I mean.

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