Brake Service Prices

Without brakes, driving your car would be like taking the reins of a runaway train. Staying safe on the road is more than just a functional set of brakes, but they play a huge role in driving safety.

But with the constant stop and go of traffic, it goes without saying you’ll need to replace your car’s brakes from time to time. Finding the best price on new brakes is important for saving money.

The biggest factor in price for new brakes is whether you replace just the brake pads, or the brake rotors as well. If it’s just the brake pads, if it costs around $200 you should be happy.

If you’ve gone a long time on bad brakes, you’ll probably have to replace the brake rotors as well. This is considerably more expensive because you need to buy rotors and pay for their installation. Expect to pay at least $400, but that’s probably pretty low.