Car Battery Prices

If you’ve ever had to jump-start your car, you know how important a car battery is.

Without a working battery, your car is brain-dead. The battery not only creates the spark that ignites the combustion that powers the car’s engine, it also powers all the electronic components on board.

So before you slog through another frigid winter with a straining, frozen battery, consider replacing yours. Car battery prices generally differ based on the size of the vehicle; the bigger, usually, the more expensive.

Factors such as warranty-length and Cold Crank Amps contribute to the price of a battery. You can buy cheap batteries for normal sedans for around $50. If you step up to something with a 5-year warranty, prices are around $80. And if you want the best car batteries, designed for cold-weather starting, expect a price of around $130.

If you need the battery installed, as well, that will cost a little extra in labor.