Firestone Prices

Firestone may be one of the most famous car tire manufacturers in the world, but did you know they also operate about 1,600 Firestone Complete Auto Care service centers, focusing on routine maintenance.

Firestone Tire Prices

– There is a huge variance in price when it comes to tires. The size of your car means bigger or smaller tires. Smaller tires cost less. The more performance your require from your tires, the more expensive.

If you own a small car, such as a Honda Civic, you can get all four tires replaced for about $350. If you own an Escalade or an F-150, expect to pay $1,000 or more for a new set of installed tires.

Firestone Oil Change Prices

  • Standard Oil Change: ~$20
  • Synthetic-Blend Oil Change: ~$30
  • Full-Synthetic Oil Change: ~$75


Firestone Brake Service Prices

  • Standard Brake Service: ~$200-$300
  • Standard Brake Service (W/ Fluid Change): ~$400-$500
  • Lifetime Brakes Service: $750+